Three Visual Merchandising Tactics That Will Triple Your Store Sales

When clients are funneled to your store from other marketing platforms, the finishing is what determines if they will convert or not. The customer wants to get thrilled by the display of the expensive products on display. However, this is never easy for many. Many are those who try various methods but rarely get results. The following visual merchandising tactics have been proven to work and can help to triple your sales.

Change the displays regularly

No client wants to come back to the same old store outlook. It will appear outdated, and nothing in the display will be pleasing. Your main focus should be changing the display on a monthly basis. Even if the items on display have not changed much, clients will be persuaded to pick them because the theme is different.

The display should also change depending on the season. Whether it is Christmas or other celebration time, the display should reflect the mood. Use every aspect of lighting, colors, and decorations to bring out the right theme. Other seasons that should attract differentiated displays include Valentine, Halloween and Easter seasons.

Ensure to use lighting to highlight the important areas of the store

Owner of SwissTribe said that every item in the store is important, there are those that you want to everyone to notice. For example, you do not want anybody to miss latest arrivals, clearance sale, and special offers from the store. To draw all the attention, you should use lights and signage to highlight these important products.

Target all the human senses when designing visual merchandising

In many cases, marketers in stores tend to put a lot of weight on the sense of sight. However, you will drive more sales by provoking all senses to drive emotional connection. You should particularly target letting clients touch and smell the items on sale. If the client was attracted to your store because of the lovely display of fashion items, she would get emotionally connected by touching them. This is a perfect way to let the customer explore other strengths of the item and make the right decision to buy.

Remember that no matter the success you achieve with a particular visual merchandising tactic, you should carry comprehensive review regularly and work on improvement.