Make A Smart Decision And Buy A Right Split Air Conditioner For Your Home With These Tips!

Tackling the scorching heat in summer has become very difficult these days. As a result, split ACs are becoming very popular and has already become a necessary home appliance. Today, you can come across a variety of different kinds of split ACs that might confuse you at first.

You need selecting a right model of Voltas depending on your needs and your room. Some of the models are also designed to enhance aesthetics of your home along with using minimum power.

Well, you do not need to worry anymore. The following is a complete guide that will help you purchase the right one that can fit your budget as well as your requirements!

Major Categories of Split AC

  • Floor mounted

This category of AC is even termed as tower or vertical split AC. They can be perfect for the rooms where it isn’t possible to mount AC in wall. However, they can prove to be a bit of expensive than other options.

  • Wall mounted

Split ACs that is wall mounted is generally most popular. Indoor unit is usually placed in room and the duct isn’t concealed. If you have a small room that can be easily and uniformly cooled, this AC is just for you!

  • Multi Split ACs

Multi-split ACs is connected to a single outdoor unit. Indoor units can either be used separately or simultaneously depending on your needs. However, if both units are being used at the same time, capacity of ACs can be divided.

Other features to check out

  • Cooling capacity

One of the most important features of split AC is cooling capacity. In fact, it greatly influences the AC price. Most of the ACs is rated according to tonnage. The cooling capacity that you require depends on several factors like number of people in your home, size of room, exposure, average ambient temperature, etc.

  • Auto restart

AC having auto restart facility can start automatically and can restore original settings whenever power gets restored. It is particularly useful in case you have frequent power cuts.

  • Anti corrosion body

The body of air conditioner is usually coated with chemical so that corrosion can be minimized. It extends life of AC’s body.

  • Remote control

It can be essential since you would definitely not love to get up each and every time you require changing the settings. Some of the new AC remote controls even come with LED display as well as sensors for monitoring room temperature.

  • Timers

Timer is one of the major features which can be useful especially for night so that your AC can be switched off at a particular given time. Today’s smarter ACs by Voltas have attractive programmed features that can switch on or off after specified times intelligently.

You must make sure to narrow down your search of split AC by checking out features like its performance, quality, and product design. Plus, consider running costs, installation cost, etc when buying one.