How To Reduce Electricity Loads While Using Air Conditioners?

Air conditioner has become a necessity for Indian people. Today, every home is equipped with minimum one LG split air conditioner. Air conditioner makes your room cool, but increases the electricity bill. Cooling the room needs a lot of power, but taking precautionary steps it can help you reduce power consumption.

Factors affecting electricity loads

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Indoor temperature
  • Room’s thermal insulation
  • Thermostat settings

When the difference between the set temperature and outdoor/indoor temperature is vast then AC will consume more power to cool indoor space to desired temperature because compressor runs for long time. Actually, increase in temperature will not reduce comfort level. Ideal thermal comfort temperature lies between 23.5°C to 25.5°C in summer. Therefore setting temperature to 24° offers good comfort and saves on utility bills.

The other aspects to consider, when you buy air conditioner is its type and size. If you wish to cool more rooms simultaneously then investing in central AC is wise, but to cool specific rooms opt for split air conditioners.

Correct size is crucial

Small air conditioner will struggle in cooling the space [work overtime] and use lots of power. On the other hand, large unit means overpaying and burden on the utility bills. Matching the room with proper air conditioner size is tricky.

Just take the square footage of the space, people using the room, heat generating appliances, windows and sunlight affecting room temperature. Therefore, correct sized air conditioner is crucial to cool the room comfortably.

Energy efficient models

Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an agency that grades air conditioner models in India with BEE rating. A unit with 5-star rating consumes less electricity than 4-star rated model, which is better than 3-star unit. Therefore, make sure to check the BEE ratings and buy an energy efficient model.

Insulation for better performance

You can visit eBay to check out the different brands. Make sure to compare the models on to determine the best deal. After you choose the right sized model make sure to have in installed in an accurately insulated room to maintain necessary power consumption.

To reduce the solar absorption from roof, application of reflective paint coating is good. In addition, paint exterior walls of your home with light color paints that reflect the sunlight. Other natural cooling things, which can be done is grow trees and shrubs around your home. Thus, you home interior temperature stays down and reduces power consumption by AC.

Keep filters clean

Indoor unit includes filter, which needs regular cleaning to allow air flow freely. Thus, unit cools the room quickly without any strain on the compressor, thus energy consumption is reduced.

Maintain outdoor coils

Outdoor unit is exposed to dirt and dust. Coils accumulate dust and grime layers, which reduces the unit’s efficiency. Keep them clean to reduce the electricity usage.

Annual maintenance contract

You will also need to use the services of well-trained technicians to maintain the unit regularly. The technician will measure the total energy your unit consumes. You get an idea of amperes the air conditioner uses.

Higher value means greater power consumed. The technicians identify the culprit responsible for high power consumption. They take necessary steps to eliminate the issue through repairing or replacing the part.

Remember that, an AC with major repair will need replacement with new energy efficient model.