Difference Between Plain Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake


Cake is the first thing that pops in everyone’s head as soon as they think of a celebration. And why not, it is an essential part of every occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, house-warming, or wedding. A cake increases happiness by its intriguing flavors and eye-pleasing designs, and when it is gifted by someone the receiver loves dearly, it becomes all the way more special.

Cakes are available in a number of designs such as multi-tier, half n half, theme, and photo cakes. In addition, they are also available in a number of flavors ranging from butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, and vanilla to chocolate. However, chocolate is one of the most loved flavors as there is hardly any soul on the planet who will claim to dislike chocolates.

Nonetheless, there is a variety in chocolate flavored cake as well, namely a plain chocolate flavored cake and a chocolate truffle cake. Many people take both the flavors to be same, which is not the reality and there is some difference between them.

Read on to know the differences between the two flavors.

  • Originally originated in early Europe, chocolate truffles are made of a chocolate based cream called genache. Chocolate truffles are generally coated, which might be in the form of cocoa powder, mile, dark chocolate, or some other kind of delicacy. They contain liqueur, nougats, creams of different flavors, ganache, and caramel. Sometimes, fruit, chocolate chip, marshmallow, and fudge are also included in chocolate truffle.
  • The chocolate flavor is made of the beans from the cacao tree, which are harvested and prepared into a dark and creamy substance. The dark creamy substance is also used for different kinds of cooking and baking. There are many sweet treats, such as candy bars, cakes, and brownies, which are made from chocolates.
  • Chocolate truffles are usually in round or oval shaped. They might not be in a perfect round shape, but they never come in other shapes such as a rectangle or cube. The chocolate truffle balls are often coated with chocolate chips and caramel. In contrast, chocolates do not have any fixed structure and they come in every shape.
  • Chocolate truffles are creamier and chocolates are often hard to crack in one bite. Also, people who love chocolate truffle will certainly like chocolate while people who love chocolate may or may not like chocolate truffle.

Now that you know the basic difference between chocolate truffle and plain chocolate, you can order a cake for you loved ones according to their taste choices and preferences. Additionally, you can also order the cake in different designs and themes such as ice cream theme cake, camera theme cake, piano theme cake, and designer hand bag theme cake. Also, you can order cake from an online portal and get it delivered midnight to the receiver in order to surprise him or her. There are many online portals which offer midnight and same day cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, and other parts of the country. Apart from it, you can also surprise the receiver with an exquisitely beautiful bunch of flowers.