Choosing a Used Car

Used cars are in constant demand among buyers. After all, you can buy a decent car for a little money. The only problem is that it is not so easy to find a good and reliable used car: you may purchase a car that has been in an accident or one that has its transmission dying etc. To make the right choice when it comes to buying a used car, you need to prepare in advance for the upcoming purchase and be attentive while inspecting it. If you are looking for a used car at the moment, you can check out some
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Car body inspection

Opening and closing doors should be done with the same effort and sound, as otherwise, there may be some deformation of the body. If the body has really been deformed, and such information is confirmed by the owner, such a car should not be purchased. To determine if the body is covered with rust, you should carefully examine all the joints, and the internal parts of the hood.

Uneven paint work

Often, car owners try to hide the defects of their car with the help of an additional layer of paint. The inspection of the paintwork of a car must be carried out outdoors with sufficient light. If the owner refuses to provide such an option or refuses to wash the car when necessary, this may indicate that something is wrong with the paintwork. If the car was repainted at some point, then on the body, on the rubber gaskets and other parts, you should be able to see certain unevenness.

Interior inspection

Now, you can start to inspect the cabin. Broken parts and worn seats clearly indicate the general condition of the car. The color of the upholstery of the seats should be identical whether it is a passenger’s seat or a driver’s seat. If the fabric is different, it means that the seats have been replaced. The covering of doors, roof and seats should not be torn or flaking. To determine the mileage of a car, you need to pay attention to the steering wheel. If the car has no more than one hundred thousand kilometers on the clock, the steering wheel should look pretty much OK. If the car mileage is about two hundred thousand kilometers, the wheel should be battered quite a lot.

Taking a car for a ride

And, finally, if you have decided that the car is in pretty good condition, you should take it out on the road. When driving the car no matter if it is an off-road vehicle like jeep or a luxury sedan like BMW 5 series, the car suspension should not rattle, as otherwise this indicates that the car needs some servicing. If the car tilts in the opposite direction when pulling off or braking, this indicates a malfunction of the shock absorbers. When braking, the car should keep moving straight without tilting to one side.