Art News: 5 Top Tips for Fashion Illustration

Fashion is a never-ending trend in people’s lives. It ranges from clothes to shoes and accessories. Illustration of fashion is an excellent method illustrators can use to show what is trending, the history of fashion and pass on any other visual information. For any illustrator to be successful in fashion art, they need to follow some tips. You can click site to see some of the finest illustration work. Also, below are the best tips to follow when dealing with fashion illustration.

Knowledge of Human Anatomy

People have a variety of different body figures. Even though an illustration does not require the artist to draw a specific person, knowing the general outline of a human body will help in coming up with different drawings. Clothes also take the shape of the body, so it is relatively easy to draw clothes correctly. This understanding also comes in handy when drawing a body that is deeply hidden under baggy clothes.

Texture for Different Fabrics

As an illustrator who is experienced and knowledgeable, it is crucial to use texture to differentiate between variations in fabrics. This can even add weight to the clothes people are wearing in the illustrations. The good thing is that colors can show the weight and texture of the fabric when used well. Take advantage of your professional brushes and understand the garments you want people to see. For instance, one can use the same color to show blue jeans and blue spandex legging pants.

Go for Patterns Galore

As an illustrator, how well you can draw patterns on fabric pictured in an illustration determines the piece of art you will make. It calls for sufficient patience to make the patterns uniform, shaded and with enough quality to make the clothes look real. Notably, most illustrators will avoid patterns, and only the exceptional and determined ones attempt to draw them. So, why not make your work stand out with some of the numerous patterns possible? It does not have to be something out of this world; even a simple polka dot pattern will do.

Do Not Overlook the Hair

How many illustrators, even the seasoned ones, remember to come up with a great hairstyle for the people in their work? Most will rush to draw the plain hair or the pushback styles. With some substance added to the hairstyles in the illustration, your art will look more attractive. It also expresses a message of cultural and ethnic diversity especially when the hair color, texture and styles are brought together in a harmonious way. While drawing the hair, be sure to understand the message you want to communicate and avoid conflicts with skin color or the background of the art.

Focus on Accessories

As mentioned in the introductory note, accessories are a crucial part of fashion. Without them, fashion is not complete. Balancing them in a perfect way is very crucial to making the illustration look real. Culture and the intended message will play a role in determining what accessories to use and to what extent to add them. Also, make the accessories real with texture and colors.

As an illustrator of fashion, a lot of considerations need to be made to pass on the intended message. Follow the above tips to always make your work really stands out.