5 Ways That Women Can Wear a Men’s Shirt

If you’re running low on outfit ideas, then raiding your boyfriend’s wardrobe can have some surprising results. It’s amazing what you’ll find in there, so give it a try and see what you come up with.


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Women enjoy wearing men’s clothes because they find them relaxing and comforting. Clothes for women are often tight-fitting and figure-hugging, so it’s nice sometimes to go for a more laid-back look.

One of the best menswear items to accessorise is a shirt. Men’s shirts offer a whole realm of style possibilities, so read on to find out how to turn a simple shirt into a fashion statement.

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Skinny Jeans and a Belt

We all love our skinny jeans, so why not pair them with a man’s shirt? You can choose any colour, but for white shirts it’s best to pair blue or black skinnies with them. Add a belt and strappy sandals to complete the outfit.

Sassy Cargo

Sass up a shirt by rolling the sleeves up and tying it at the waist. It’s a great summer look for the beach, as it exhibits your stomach. However, make sure you do it in a tasteful way. There’s a fine line between sassy and cheap, so get it right to avoid any embarrassment.


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Mini Dress

Create your own strapless mini dress by buttoning the shirt without the sleeves on. Twist the sleeves, then criss-cross them around your back. Then bring them back to the front and knot them.

90s Hip

This look is a favourite among many women, and it looks amazing if you do it right. All you have to do is clip suspenders on to your shirt.

The Boat Look

Slightly more complicated, but worth it if you’ve got the patience. Ruffle your shirt, then put a rubber band around the sleeve to make a bubble. Create a waist ruffle by ruching both parts with a safety pin.

These are just some of the looks you can use, but there are more. Get practising with these and be the envy of all your friends.