Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation

If you’re planning your next vacation you probably already have a rough budget in mind. Travel, lodging, food, and entertainment add up quickly and it can be hard to stay under the budget line when you’re out of town. Here are some tips to help you save while on vacation:

Check your options before you go. When making reservations check out several websites to be sure you’re getting the best deal. For example, you might be planning an all inclusive trip to Disneyworld. Instead of automatically purchasing the package check out individual pricing on both travel and lodging. You may be able to save a bundle by making separate purchases for airfare, renting a vehicle from Dollar Car Rental, and reserving your hotel of choice. By using the Groupon app you can save even more on entertainment as well as a Dollar Car Rental coupon!

Look for entertainment deals. Often you can visit the company website and find buy-one-get-one deals or a discount for paying in advance. The same goes for restaurants: often you can find deals and coupons for food venues in tourist towns just by checking in advance.

Keep track of your food costs. Often meals and snacks become “invisible” expenses while your out of town, but they can add up fast. Look for lodging that includes breakfast, and having a microwave in your room will allow you to reheat dinner leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Curb your impulse shopping. Tourist destinations make their living from impulse buys, so think twice before you let the kids pick out those cute but useless souvenirs for grandma. Try to stick with keepsakes that will get used when you get home rather than collecting dust in a closet.

Remember to add gratuities to your spending budget. Hotels, cabs, and restaurants will all take a bit extra for their service employees, and this is one area you should never neglect.

Keep your return in mind. Once you get home from vacation you’ll need to fill the fridge and the gas tanks and rest up a bit before returning to work. Give yourself a day or two before you have to return to the daily grind!